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Science and Vastu go with hands in hands. It means the Vastu principles can be defined with the help of science i.e. physics, chemistry, biology & geography. No doubt about it. It covers many topics like Vastu for Healthy home, Vastu for healthy living, Vastu for sick buildings & Vastu for positive energy. Vastu rules in Vedic Vastu are code of conducts and can easily be followed. Vastu science is a set of rules & regulations which can define Vastu as a good art for human being. Sometimes people define it as a superstition, but Vastu as a science is very positive & defines how to live in harmony with nature. Save nature & save mother earth are the motives of Vedic Vastu. Vastu means to live & Shastra means a set of code of conducts. In scientific Vastu the use of scientific tools to check the energy vibrations is a very new concept & Dr Kunal Kaushik uses many tools & sensors to check the positive Vastu & negative Vastu impacts. Vastu sensors are also used to check the positive Vastu energy and negative Vastu energy. The Vastu vibrations can be defined as positive Vastu vibes & negative Vastu vibes. All types of Positive energy & negative energy can be checked with the help of these numerous instruments. Vastu instruments are very costly, so Vastu sensing activity should be done with great care. Vastu vibes can also be detected. Vastu power can be tested through the Vastu sensors & as per the reading of Vastu energy, the remedial application is done. Now in western countries few Vastu consultants have started using any one or couple of instruments but Dr Kunal Kaushik has been on the top to use these many instruments. Vastu Consultants only tell on the basis of observation Vastu but Vastu strength & Vastu benefit can be seen with these Vastu tools.

Vastu is an olden Vedic Art of positioning & placement of various areas, places & things etc. In such a way that it produces the best energy vibrations. Sometimes there may be any negative energy like Hartmann line, faults, Sheuman lines etc. Under the land. This kind of energy is called the negative vibrations & it is very difficult for an ordinary Vastu Consultant without the help of Vastu instruments. In scientific Vastu the Vastu expert or Vastu Guru should be highly qualified, professionally qualified Vastu consultant only can detect all types of positive and negative energies. Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the highly qualified Vastu consultant who can use various tools & sensors to detect the positive vibrations & negative vibrations. Today every second Vastu consultant has started to talk about the positive & negative Energies, but he does not know how to check it & how to define it. Dr. Kunal Kaushik has been using such most advanced Vastu tools, Vastu instruments & Vastu energy sensors which are also known as the Vastu energy Sensors or Instrumental Vastu. He is really expert Vastu consultant who is also known as expert Vastu Shastra consultant with high degrees and largest Vastu experience. That is why he is known as the best Vastu consultant. He has ability to use each Vastu Scanner and detect the Positive & negative energy in a very short time. According to his findings, he gives his Vastu consultation which is very effective.

Vastu consultancy services available as per Scientific logics & Vastu for homes, Vastu for flats, Vastu for bedroom, Vastu For Plots. Vastu for health, Vastu for wealth & Vastu for harmony. By the world renowned. Vastu Consultant. The best Vastu advice & Vastu consultancy services by the internationally acclaimed Vastu adviser for Vastu for Interiors. Most experienced Vastu advice for all. Vastu for exteriors. Vastu for interior decoration as per Vastu. Professional Vastu guidance for Vastu for Business, Vastu for Shops, Vastu for Offices & Vastu for Corporate office. Accurate & most scientific Vastu guidance for Corporate houses. Vastu for profitability of Business. Vastu for best earnings. High class Vastu audits for Factories, Vastu Audits for industries & Vastu remedies. Contact for Vastu Consultation. Vastu corrections without demolition. Vastu tips for running best industries. Vastu guidance for best industrial growth. Vastu Courses for Students seeking to make their career in Vastu Shastra. Learn Vastu Scientifically. Vastu learning programs & certificate courses of Vastu for one Month. Vastu courses for two months. Vastu classes for three months. Join Vastu Shastra Courses. Online Vastu Courses. Basic Vastu Courses Online, Professional Vastu Courses. Remedial Vastu Courses.

How to choose the Best Vastu Consultant. Useful Tips By Dr. Kunal Kaushik for Choosing Vastu Expert

About Dr. Kunal Kaushik (Scientific Vastu Shastra Consultant) – Sangli

Dr. Kunal Kaushik has created a niche for himself in the world of Vastu shastra in a very short span of time. he has been winning accolades for his fine work in his field. Vastu has been his field of interest since the very beginning and he has been actively writing literature and studying the various scriptures related to Vastu shastra since his early days of study. During his study, he used to visit different places like Sangli, Singapore and Europe to study the topography and geography in detail so that his study stands on solid grounds. He has travelled far and wide across the globe for his research in the field of Vastu shastra. For, Vastu shastra is an extensive subject that needs time and devotion to be mastered. It has taken him A GREAT DEAL OF work to achieve such a high stature, that he has managed to bring about today.

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