We are pleased to offer our professional Vastu services. Here is the scope of work / consultation.

    1. Observation Based Vastu Services (The very common Vastu guidelines being provided by most of the Vastu Consultants in World)
    2. Interiors and Placement Advice According to Vastu.
    3. Highly technical Vastu services of International Level- The most advanced methodology. (Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu expert in the world who uses more than 12 Scientific Instruments, Scanners And Sensors for Vastu Consultation)

Highly Technical Vastu Services:

    • Checking the Earth vibrations,(MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR)
    • Checking the Parallel vibrations,
    • Checking the Hard & Soft Energy,
    • Checking the Radio waves,
    • Checking the Magnetic Deviations,
    • Checking the Geopathic Stress,
    • Sick Building Syndrome Check,
    • Checking the Telluric Energy,
    • Checking the Diagonal Field,
    • Checking the Cosmo Telluric Channel,
    • Checking the Cardinal Points,
    • Checking the Global Field,
    • Premise Aura Scanning, (Using ACESS Technology)