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Vastu Site Visit

To get an in depth Knowledge regarding the Vastu Facets in your site, contact the most famous Vastu Consultant of all time who can calculate the energy flowing through the premise on his fingertips.

Vastu Online Consultation

Vastu consultation can also be received online by Vastu Shastra Expert And Advisor Mr. Kunal Kaushik without the need of a site visit though email or by phone.

Vastu Map Checkup

Vastu Consultation can be provided at length through a map as well. You can easily get Vastu Advice by working upon a ma p that displays the placement positioning and directions on it correctly.

Vastu Maps

In some cases where the client approaches us without any fixed map or drawing, We can provide the service of Designing And Drawing the Map Of The Premise using Vastu Principles for epitome results.

Learn Vastu

If you desire to Learn The Ancient Indian Art of Vastu Shastra The easy, simple and most beneficial way you can contact Mr. Kunal Kaushik for the best Vastu Course one can get.

Feng Shui Site Visit

Feng Shui also enlisits certain rules which if followed can make your premise Feng Shui Friendly as well. The inflow of positivie energy can also be increased with the help of laws of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Online Consultation

You can get Feng Shui consultation online as well by emailing us a detailed map of your premise with the placement of furniture and marking of all the directions indicated on the map.

Feng Shui Map Checkup

You can also have a face to face discussion with our experts by bringing a detailed and makred map ofthe premise along with you while meeting our experts after prior appointment.

Horoscope Consultancy

Horoscope Reading is Now Much easier for you when you have our team of experts by your side for your guidance. Get your Horoscope Checked By Our Experts For An In depth detail regarding the time to come.

Match Making

Match Making Of The Horoscope is an integral part of any household. You can get Horoscope Matched By our Team Of Experts which will give you an insight into what the future holds.


The Science Of Numbers has forever been an important study since the study of the scriptures Learn How to incorporate this ancient science into your everyday life by Mr. Kunal Kaushik Now.


Take the guidance of Mr Kunal Kaushik Our Leading Astrologer, To FInd The Exact Right Day, Date And Time For Accomplishing any task, For A Ceremony Or Any Auspicious Event to come.


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Domestic Vastu

Household vastu consultation for you.

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Commercial Vastu

Commercialvastu consultation for you

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Pyra Vastu

Amalgamation of pyramids and vastu shastra

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Vastu Interiors

Interior designing according to vastu shastra

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FengShui Homes

Home designing according to fengshui

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Geopathic Stress

A major defect in vastu

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Vastu Maps, Vastu Map, Vaastu Maps, House Map According To Vastu, Vastu Home Plans, Vastu Office Plans, Vastu Industrial Plans, Vastu Commercial Plans, Vastu Floor Plans, Vastu Shastra Maps, Vastu Home Designs

Vastu Maps

Maps designed the vastu way

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Feng Shui Office, Feng Shui For Office, Feng Shui For Money, Feng Shui To Attract Money, Feng Shui Fortune, Feng Shui Advice For Office, Feng Shui Master, Feng Shui Consultation, Feng Shui Expert, Feng Shui For Wealth

FengShui Office

Office designing according to fengshui.

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